We’re in the business of developing brands and cultures – this of course includes our own.


We like to practise what we preach, striving to create a strong and enjoyable company culture that enables individuals to thrive and love what they do.

We work hard and play hard, employing the best individuals and partnering with world-class leading experts in their fields to realise visions.

Some of the elements that converge and contribute to our culture are listed below.




We’ve created a relaxed environment that fosters collaboration and creativity. With abundant natural light from a glass wall, our open-plan studio boasts a well-stocked library of reference books, samples and materials. Each staff member has an oversized work station loaded with the latest technology and software they require. Alongside careful project management, we encourage healthy debate, visits to trade shows, exhibitions and talks, and keeping abreast of industry developments. We take time out to celebrate things like a job well done and birthdays, and strive to keep the work-life balance healthy.


R & D

We believe in staying competitive and actively engage in research and development with like-minded individuals and companies. We find innovative ways of manipulating a wide variety of materials and printing techniques so we can create bespoke solutions for our clients. Many are documented in our news section.



BrandCulture is committed to sustainable practices at every stage of our work. We actively encourage the use of recycled and recyclable materials, as well as ethical production methodologies and locally-sourced materials designed for longevity. We leverage technology to streamline internal processes, and use digital delivery systems to minimise costs, wastage and our carbon footprint.



BrandCulture actively participates in social media. You can find our thoughts and news, project updates and industry conversations on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.



We are proud members and active supporters of the Society for Environmental Graphic Design (SEGD) and the Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA). SEGD is a global community of people working at the intersection of communication design and the built environment. AGDA is Australia’s peak organisation for professional graphic designers.



The team at BrandCulture are grateful to be in the fortunate position of being able to give back to our community. In the design community specifically, we are often guest judges on awards panels, help review design courses and offer student internships. Course and event leaders: please contact us if you think we might be able to make a valuable contribution to your cause. Students: please contact us if you’re a final year student seeking an industry internship (remember to attach your CV and PDF portfolio). As a company we also feel it’s important to support various charities, such as The Garvan Institute of Medical Research, a world leader in biomedical research.



BrandCulture is a new kind of studio with a fluid, multi-disciplined approach and varied output. Led by a core team, we have flourished and diversified over time by tapping into the highly specialised skill sets of individuals at the top of their games. Working together, we resolve the varied challenges we set ourselves in partnership with our clients. We’ve worked hard to define our offer and map our future, striving constantly to improve and inspire. To this end, we make a point of hiring a diverse mix of self-motivated “big talent”, capable of delivering extraordinary results for big clients. If that sounds like you, please get in contact, as we’re always looking for people that can make a positive contribution. Please send us an email with a few details about yourself, your CV and PDF portfolio if relevant (under 5MB) to careers@brandculture.com.au


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